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Investment Advice: Lugarno Partners — Protecting what hard work built.
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Investment Advice

We provide families with investment advice to help them build and manage their own investment portfolio.

Our team proactively advise families through the creation and management of their own unique investment portfolios. We guide our clients ideas and analysis, through their decision making processes.

We maintain a small number of clients to ensure we are available to deliver on ALL administration duties required to manage a portfolio. Using our proprietary software, we also provide our customers with personalised investment performance reporting on all their investment assets – even if they don’t have them invested with us.

Our relationships can vary from collaborative to passive, from irregular contact to very structured. We adjust our manner of communication with each client to ensure they get all the information they need in the manner they need it.

Clients of Lugarno Advice receive everything they need to invest and protect their wealth. They value a conservative investment approach that ensures their wealth is BOTH grown and protected, and have an attentive team who go above and beyond to ensure ALL of their investment affairs are in order.


For those interested in becoming a client:

Our firm is small by design. It ensures our approach is personalised and helps us avoid the conflicts and bias that exists in big firms.

Because our approach is a time intensive and highly personalised process, there are only limited positions available. If you have investable assets in excess of $5M, please reach out to us by phone or email.

If you do not meet this criteria we encourage you to read about our Lugarno Fund, as we would welcome the chance to co-invest with you.

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